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Visit from Michigan Tech Theta Chi's

The Michigan girls and some of the brothers take time out from partying for a picture.

Travis and Michigan Tech Theta Chi Libby traded sweatshirts...and Travis looks like a girl.

The lovely Michigan Techies pose in front of the Emory Duckpond.

Carin and Anthony in their contest to see who can drink more.

The Michigan girls travelled down to Emory to finally meet us. We all had a great time, especially on their last night at Emory.  Some of the brothers are planning a trip up there for sometime this coming year, and that will surely bring more interesting stories. 

FUNCTION Spring 2004 - Woodstock, VA

Scott, Travis, Dave, Anthony having a great time.

Paul (front) and Kevin get crazy at function...

Scott and the BAP.

So function really wasn't that crazy...okay, yeah it was. But fortunately we didn't break anything in Dave's lakehouse or get stuck on the island which was accessible only by a bridge that might as well have been underwater.