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Why Rush?
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HILL ACTION - Some Theta Chis and Delta Pis stand together on the MaWa hill.

R_SH...the only thing missing is U!

There are many reasons to rush, but we're gonna give you the low-down on why you should:


Leadership Opportunites

Rushing and Pledging a fraternity gives you opportunities that you can use after your college career.  Leadership can be honed within the group, and pledging is another way that you can show this.



Imagine gaining even more people who you can rely on, who you can really rely on too.  Don't pass up on that opportunity.


Community Service

Theta Chi always does some community a way to give back to the surrounding community.  We hold the annual Chili cook-off in the fall and participate in the Mental Health Walk in the spring.


Academic Support

With Theta Chi, you have a diverse group, and there are number of guys who can help you with your studies.  And we do hold our studies high...take for instance the Academic Cup we hold!


Alumnae Networking

One of the best parts about being in a fraternity are the connections after you leave Emory & Henry.  Our alumnae have certainly agreed to this.


Social and Recreational Involvement

If nothing else, you have a social calendar now.  When joining a fraternity, you meet people that you are going to spend the next few years of your life with.  That's something you do not want to pass up.