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A little about Theta Chi Epsilon Social Fraternity:
     Theta Chi Epsilon was founded in 1960 on the idea of "Unity Through Diversity."  Over 40 years later, the brothers of Theta Chi still hold to that motto.  Our brothers are among the most active and respected members of the E&H community and we take great pride in that.  We are commited to improving the social atmosphere at E&H through our various activities and functions.
     Theta Chi's formation was based on that of a popular national fraternity, making our systems a little different than other Greek groups at our college.  Our standards are different, therefore the men we attract are different.  We seek men who are wanting Greek life to be a beneficial addition to their college experience.  We seek men who are willing to accept the challenges of joining a Greek group while at the same time maintaining their personal integrity and beliefs. We seek men who want to contribute to the group; every person adds to the fraternity.  We seek men who want to improve themselves, their school, their community, and the Fraternity as a whole.
     If Theta Chi Epsilon sounds like the type of fraternity that interests you, we encourage you to sign up to Rush.  If Theta Chi doesn't fit what you are wanting, we still encourage you to sign up to Rush.  It is a great opportunity to meet new people and to possibly begin a new chapter of your college experience!  Good luck!

Here Are Just A Few Reasons Why YOU Should Sign Up To Rush!

It's Cheap.

It only costs $5.00 to sign up to Rush.  Come on, you can spare a trip to Wendy's.

It's Fun.

The Rush process is a lot of fun!  It is a good chance to get out and meet new people and have a good time.

It's Good Food.

That's right folks, us Greeks want to fatten you up.  Sign up to rush and you'll  get  to chow down on some good meals.

It's Educational.

A lot of people don't know a whole lot about the Greek system and how it works.  Sign up to Rush and find out about it yourself.

It COULD Open New Doors.

If it's your time to go Greek, you will be involved in a system that has been an important part of this college for over 80 years.  New friendships, leadership opportunities, and community service are all a part of being Greek.

Here are a few interesting statistics about other people who have gone Greek.  The numbers speak for themsevles...

  • About of all chief executives on Forbes Super 500 list of Americas largest corporations were members of college fraternities.
  • Fraternities have produced 48% of all US presidents.
  • Fraternities have produced 42% of US senators.
  • Fraternities have produced 30% of US Congressmen.
  • Fraternities have produced 40% of Supreme Court justices.

While we never make any promises, we encourage anyone who may be interested in going Greek to sign up to Rush.  Rushing does not mean that you have any obligations to any groups.  All we ask is that you come in with an open mind and a willingness to learn about our organization.  Oh yeah, we want you to HAVE FUN, too!